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Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons why people consult with a chiropractor. Low back pain, usually brought on by a stress or strain to the joints in the lumbar or pelvis region, is caused by sudden movements or poor body mechanics while lifting heavy objects.

symptoms of lumbar or low-back pain

  • Low-back pain with any movements of the spine

  • Tightness in one side of the lower back

  • Muscles feel like rocks or twisted ropes in lower back

  • Pain that radiates around into groin

  • Radiation from low-back to the posterior leg

  • Stiff and achy lower back in the morning or night

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common causes of low-back pain

Long stretches of time spent sitting needs to be balanced with periodic movement. Strengthening our muscles through exercise, stretching, and regular use will enhance our bodies, our longevity, and our mental health. Get up from your seat and avoid these common causes of lumbar pain:

  • Bending, lifting, or twisting incorrectly (combination of carrying weight while making a movement)

  • Fatigued or tired muscles from lack of strength, mobility, or use

  • Putting stress on wrong part of body

benefits of chiropractic

relieve pain

Most patients experience immediate relief from pain after manual or gentle adjustments.

reduce tension

An immediate decrease in pain helps reduce inflammation and tension so the body has an opportunity to heal.

enhance quality of life

Maintenance appointments can help you regain your functionality and maintain a high quality of life.

enhance your every day.

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