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If you’ve ever heard the phrase “a pain in the neck,” you can imagine the discomfort literal neck pain can cause. This common condition affects the neck and shoulders, and can feel like anything from an ache to stiffness to a shock. The team at Morelli Chiropractic is well-versed in neck pain and can help you find relief.

symptoms of neck pain

  • Neck pain with menstrual cycles

  • Radiating pain in neck that starts in the goes to shoulder and down to the hand

  • One side of the neck feels swollen or hot (hypertonic)

  • Neck feeling locked or stuck (decreased range of motion)

  • Muscles feel stiff and achy

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common causes of neck pain

Sitting at a computer all day? Head down in your smartphone or tablet? Our lifestyles, choices, and habits directly effect our bodies.

  • Poor posture

  • “Text Neck” Rounded Shoulders, Eye Strain, Poor Desk Ergonomics

benefits of chiropractic

relieve pain

Most patients experience immediate relief from pain after manual or gentle adjustments.

reduce tension

An immediate decrease in pain helps reduce inflammation and tension so the body has an opportunity to heal.

enhance quality of life

Maintenance appointments can help you regain your functionality and maintain a high quality of life.

enhance your every day.

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